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Soapstone Colors

Soapstone is soft and warm to the touch.

It's smooth, slippery, and silky. This stone is a traditional and old fashioned natural stone. The look is warm and inviting. Charming, rustic, and rich looking yet versatile enough to fit comfortably within a modern home. It has been used for centuries in our homes. It's also the counter top of choice in our science labs. This is a simple and subtle stone which conveys grounding and harmony. It truly emits old world charm.

The colors of soapstone are rich and beautiful. They convey calmness. From ash gray to smoky blue-grays to a rich charcoal black. Some stones have flecks of greenand blue and contrasting veins twisting throughout the stone. Soapstone is a siliceous natural stone which consists mainly of talc and chlorite. There are actually two types of soapstone. The artistic soapstone which is used for carvings and sculptures contains a higher talc content.

The other type of soapstone, also known as steatite, is used for architectural purposes. It is used for counter tops, sinks, and vanities, just to name a few. Architectural soapstone contains a lesser amount of talc. The more talc the stone contains, the softer the stone is.

Please use this material index as a reference to some of the most common stones we offer. Due to the nature of the products, color selection varies per location and as we frequently receive new shipments of slabs, some colors may not be available for viewing on this website.

Please visit our slab showrooms to see our latest inventory.

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